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Radstakes Report

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Radstakes Performance Summary

Another 1000 epochs have passed since the last Radstakes report, and with the token unlock providing a huge influx of additional tokens, the Radix validator table has seen a lot of changes. During this time we've seen a 28% increase in delegated stake on the Radstakes validator, taking our total stake to 10,502,144. This gives us a total of 0.52% of the delegated stake on the network, and sees us move from position 43 to position 62. Once again, our sincerest thanks go to our stakers who have entrusted their delegation to us. Although we have dropped position (due to an increase in stake at the top of the table), we remain comfortably placed in the top 100.

Between epoch 1000-2000 we have completed 77704 proposals, with 1 missed proposal, resulting in a total uptime over this period of 99.999%

Radstakes Node Updates

Another important update to share with the community, is related to our node infrastructure. Now that we've had a few thousand epochs to understand the networks behaviour, we wanted to make sure we remain future-proof and performant as the network continues to grow. As a result, we've recently upgraded both our primary validator and backup node. Moving from VPS to dedicated root servers, we can ensure that we never have to share our hardware resources and at the same time have significantly increased the number of CPU cores and RAM to ensure we stay performant both now and in the future. Here's a summary of our new hardware specification:



CPU Cores



DDoS Protection













In order to ensure geographical diversity and redundancy, we have maintained our presence in Germany, but located our new backup server in Finland. As always, both of our nodes continue to be hosted by separate providers to further reduce downtime risk

Staking with Radstakes

For those still selecting validators to stake with, we do hope you will give Radstakes your consideration. As always we welcome any questions and contact with the community. You can contact us directly via email, the chat function on our website or find us lurking in the Radix Telegram and Discord channels.

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