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Staking with Radstakes

Radstakes Validator Address


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How to Stake

Login to the Radix desktop wallet and click on "Stake & Unstake"

Click on the Radstakes address above to copy and then paste it into the "Validator" field in the wallet

Enter the amount you wish to stake

Click "Stake"


Enter your PIN

Click "Confirm Transaction" - You are now staking with Radstakes!

Why stake with us?

Ever since discovering Bitcoin in 2014, we have been fascinated by the ever evolving Crypto space.  As 'Hodlers' and miners for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, we have witnessed first hand the issues and limitations of traditional Cryptocurrencies and DeFi protocols.  In 2017, we discovered Radix and were blown away by the dedication of Dan Hughes and Piers Ridyard in designing a DLT that would not only keep up with the demands of today, but one that would be futureproof, to support the future of finance and the exponential growth of DeFi.

Since 2017, we have been supporters and advocates of Radix DLT, whether that be taking part in Alpha testing, providing feedback on various economic models for XRD, or more recently Beta testing, where we were selected from a pool of over 300 applicants to provide one of the first ever community validator nodes on the Radix test net.  This has continued with the birth of the permanent test net, Stokenet, where we run and test our validator nodes in the run up to the Olympia mainnet launch.

We are and continue to remain active in the community, regularly contributing on the official Radix Discord channels, with a presence on Telegram and Twitter.  Our aim is to provide a transparent, open and trusted relationship with all Radix holders (whether you choose to stake with us or not!).  Our passion is Radix, so whether you have questions about delegating stake, or even if you want assistance setting up your own node, please feel free to contact us directly on any of these channels.  You can also join or mailing list and check out our blog posts for updates.

Stake With Radstakes
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