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Radstakes Partners with Radix Planet 🪐

Radstakes is pleased to announce that we are a partner node for the Radix Planet Mega Staking & Trading Airdrop!

From 6th until 25th September 2022, 500,000 $PLANET tokens will be distributed to users of the Radix Planet exchange. As a partner node, any new stake to our node over this period will grant users a whopping x3 multiple on their airdrop weighting.

To participate, simply:

  1. Register your address by sending any amount of any token to rdx1qspzlt3kmwqavdtgf04cx438dl9m856hd7pvwfkk2njt63rtkqpmregc3ntds

  2. Make at least one trade of any amount through Radix Planet AMM Pools (

  3. Stake XRD with Radstakes*

Note: Final airdrop amounts will be calculated based on total trades and stake, weighted using the following formula:

Airdrop Weighting = (Trade Total^0.5) x ((New Stake x 3)^0.5)

*Only new stake during this period will be eligible for the staking bonus.

Furthermore, we will also be airdropping 100,000 $RST tokens to our new and existing stakers after the 25th September.

This is a great opportunity for stakers to rebalance their stake and improve decentralisation of the network, whilst earning some airdrop rewards!

Radstakes Validator Address:


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