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Radstakes Airdrop & Bobcat Society NFT Giveaway 🚀

Radstakes Token Airdrop

We're pleased to announce that we will be completing the next airdrop of 100,000 $RST tokens to our stakers on the 14th July 2022. This is the next of a series of airdrops ahead of the Babylon release. Simply stake some XRD with Radstakes to receive a share (proportional to your stake) and be included in all our future airdrops. (Note: for the airdrop, a snapshot will be taken on 12th July 2022 - so plenty of time to think about your staking positions!

Bobcat Society NFT Collaboration

Furthermore, we're pleased to announce our support of The Bobcat Society 🐱 - an NFT project that was originally launched on Solana, but after their own "Radix Revelation" decided to build on the only layer 1 with true unlimited scalability 😎 We welcome them to the Radix community and to mark their arrival, have purchased a bulk order of Bobcats which will be given away to a selection of Radstakes holders over the coming months. To be eligible for the giveaway* simply:

1. Follow @Radstakes and @BobcatSociety on Twitter

2. Tweet your favourite Bobcat from the Bobcat Society collection with the hashtag #Bobcatpounce and tag @Radstakes and @BobcatSociety

3. Hold a minimum balance of 500 RST** in your wallet

4. Stake a minimum of 1000 XRD with Radstakes

*10 eligible participants will be drawn at random on July 30th and every month thereafter until Babylon. NFTs will be assigned randomly from our collection and only one NFT will be awarded per participant. NFTs will be available after Babylon launch and the minimum balances above must be maintained until then.

**RST tokens are awarded periodically to our stakers and can also be purchased at the Radix Planet exchange (see below for details)

Radix Planet

Did you know that the Radstakes token (RST) is tradable on Radix Planet 🪐? The first alt-token order book exchange on Radix! Radstakes have been supporters of Radix Planet since it's inception, and took part in early testing. Built by a trusted community developer, you will find trading pairs for most of the popular tokens on Radix! So if you need to top-up your RST balance for our NFT giveaway (or are bored of Radstakes' low fees and solid uptime and just want to sell 😆) then check out the link above, or join the Radix Planet Telegram group for more info.


For further info on Radstakes or any of our promotions, please join the Radstakes Telegram group.

Radstakes Validator: rv1qdzgjh98d4mexymc492eq82zwmspmh9mlz4wqgswta4jcaw0nnwuj53mj5w

Thank you for staking with Radstakes!

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