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Radstakes Year End Report

As 2021 draws to a close, we'd like to take this opportunity to look back and reflect on our node running operations since the start of the Olympia Mainnet back in August. As I write this report we have just completed validating our 5528th epoch on the Radix mainnet and what an eventful time it's been for the community!

These past months have seen a lot of drama and excitement, from DDoS attacks on the Radix archive nodes, to a fierce token unlock debate, upgrades to our servers to future proof our operations, exciting partnerships with Ociswap and not to forget the recent Alexandria release and the start of an exciting time of Dapp development.


Since the start of mainnet I am pleased to report we have completed a massive 329,951 consensus proposals with only 23 missed proposals in that time. This means our overall uptime since the start of mainnet is 99.99%!

Radstakes has remained committed to our pledge of a simple, transparent fixed fee of 2% giving our stakers the reassurance that we will always be consistent, with no gimmicks or promotions to attract stake only to increase fees in future. I'm happy to make the same pledge as we go into the new year and promise that our fees will never increase.

We continue to remain active in the community and have always strived to be trustworthy advocates for the Radix network. As always, if you have any questions for us - we'd love to hear from you!

We continue to ensure that all of our nodes are meticulously monitored and updated where required, within hours of new releases being published by the Radix team. This ensures a secure and reliable infrastructure for our delegators and helps to preserve our solid uptime.

News / Updates

Following feedback from our staking community, we recently introduced a Telegram channel to enable closer communications between Radstakes and our stakers:

If you haven't already done so, we would encourage you to join us and if you have any questions about staking or just about Radix in general, we will be more than happy to answer. Furthermore, if you join our Telegram channel you will be eligible for our 1000 $RST airdrop! In future these tokens will be tradable on Ociswap - the first decentralised exchange on Radix, and proud partners of Radstakes. The Radstakes token will reward loyalty and following the Babylon release in 2023, holders will be eligible to receive other assets such as NFTs and XRD airdrops.


We are immensely proud to serve the Radix community and send a special thanks to all of our stakers who have entrusted us by delegating their stake to Radstakes. We hope to continue to provide our services for many years to come. We wish you all a very happy new year and look forward to a bright and exciting future for Radix.

Best Wishes -


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