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Radstakes Validator Picks

So the day has finally arrived - the Great Token Unlock. Between 14:00 and 17:00 UTC on September 15, the total circulating supply of XRD will increase from 2.6B to 9.6B tokens. 7,000,000,000 (!) XRD will be unleashed. Some hodl'd, some sold, but the majority of which we hope is destined to be delegated to validators, thus increasing security and decentralisation on the Radix mainnet.

This event will have huge significance for Radix, as it will potentially set the tone for the network's decentralisation, and creates an opportunity for redistributing some of the stake away from the top 20 nodes to a much fairer distribution. This is something Radstakes fully endorses, as the network will be judged (amongst other things) on how decentralised we are. To this end, we would like to share our "awesome list". Our picks for the top 10 validators who have shown the necessary skills, commitment, community engagement and technical ability. We have also included 2 picks from below the top 100 who we believe deserve our support to get into the validator set. Please remember our picks are based on opinion only, and not official endorsement.

Firstly the rules - All of our picks have:

1. Sub 1% of total stake (as of September 15)

2. Consistent uptime above 99.9% (as of September 15)

3. Sufficient owners stake or other contributions to Radix demonstrating "skin in the game"

4. Backup nodes to provide recovery in the event of downtime

5. Active presence in the community

The Radstakes top 10:











Radstakes picks from outside the top 100:



There are many others who we could have included in this list, which says a lot of the high calibre of validators we have supporting Radix. My apologies to any validators who we may have missed, it's not been easy to choose!

When it comes to choosing validators to delegate your stake to - please consider these guys and above all - remember to stake widely and avoid validators with more than 3% stake, to promote decentralisation and ensure a healthy, secure network!

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