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Radstakes Report - Week 1

Radstakes Performance Summary

Whilst we were full of excitement and anticipation as the end of epoch 1 approached, the Radstakes validator on the other hand quietly transitioned from node to validator and immediately started making concensus proposals with no drama or fanfair. Months of testing at Betanet and Stokenet had served us well to prepare for this moment, and I'm pleased to say that our first week of validating on the Radix mainnet has been excellent.

We are so grateful for the response we've received from the community who have delegated their XRD with us. Radstakes now occupies a comfortable position at the middle of the validator table with just less than 1% of the overall stake.

Naturally we've been keeping a close eye on our system's vital signs, making sure everything continues to run smoothly. In our first week, the Radstakes validator made over 26,000 proposals, missing only a single proposal due to some latency issues with our peers on the network. This gives us a total uptime after 1 week of 99.996%.

Our Commitment on Fees

There has been a lot of discussion on the Radix social channels regarding validator fees, and even after 1 week, some validators have already begun increasing their fees. At Radstakes, our strategy is simple - be clear, transparent and consistent. For that reason I'd like to make clear our stance on our fee:

Radstakes promises to provide a simple, low cost 2% fee for our services. No increases, no gimmicks, no lotteries, just consistent and transparent fees.

Other News

Another big announcement this week came from Bitfinex, who wll begin offering a currency conversion service to swap eXRD for XRD from Monday 23rd August. Up until now, it has been necessary to use Instapass and Instabridge to swap for XRD, so this service provides a non-KYC option of obtaining XRD. In addition, they will also be opening a trading pair for XRD (hopefully the first exchange of many to do so!)

If Radix's rampant increase in twitter followers (up to 50,000 now!) tells us anything, it's that people are starting to take notice, and adoption of XRD is slowly starting to gain traction. This is great news for our stakers, who we will continue to diligently serve to provide a steady stream of emission rewards, whilst some healthy price appreciation is sure to follow as XRD takes to the exchanges!

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