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Upgrading Validator to v35.2

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

It's been a busy month of testing on the Radstakes Beta validator, today we upgraded to the latest software v35.2

Performance to Date

Over the past 6 weeks since the launch of the Beta, Radstakes has been busy fine tuning and testing the node infrastructure to optimise performance. After a few issues with memory leakage and database disc writes identified by the community on the Discord (special thanks to Stuart @ RadixPool), the performance of the node has been greatly improved.

New in Version 35.2

Like a kid on Christmas morning, we were eager to dive into the new software along with all the bells and whistles! The most notable, was a new Radixnode command line interface which makes spinning up nodes using Docker an absolute breeze. This also opens up some simple commands that can be used to query the Node and it's performance.

Even more impressive, is the introduction of Grafana monitoring software to aid node runners in keeping an eye on node health, synchronisation and uptime.

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