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Airdrops Incoming! Radstakes partners with Ociswap

We're excited to announce that Radstakes has now partnered with Ociswap, the very first decentralised exchange (DEX) to be built on Radix!

Ociswap is being built by our fellow node runners - Radix's infamous project slayer, Florian Pieper (Florian Pieper Staking) and Lukas & Christoph (Radix Staatenlos Node). To celebrate the launch of the all new validator node, Ocinode, the team are pleased to announce an airdrop of 3,000,000 OCI in the month of December!

How do I get the Ociswap airdrop?

1. Join the Ociswap Telegram group here: OciSwap Telegram

2. Join the Ociswap Airdrop group here: Ociswap Airdrop Telegram

3. Message your Radix wallet address in the airdrop group along with the hashtag #OciStaker

...And that's not all! As partners of Oci, all stakers with Radstakes will be automatically rewarded with a 10% airdrop bonus!

Don't forget to check out the Ociswap twitter feed for further updates: Ociswap Twitter

Radstakes Token Airdrop

What could be better than an airdrop? 2 of course! To celebrate the birth of the first DEX on Radix, we will also be airdropping our very own token to all our stakers (subject to the rules below).

The Radstakes token ($RST) has a hard cap of 1,000,000 tokens and will be tradable on Ociswap! 1000 RST will be airdropped to each staker who complete the following tasks:

1. Stake a minimum of 1000XRD with Radstakes

2. Join the Ociswap Telegram group here: OciSwap Telegram

3. Join the new Radstakes Telegram Group: Radstakes Validator Telegram

4. Send your XRD address to the Radstakes Telegram or PM @Radstakes

5. Hodl your $RST!

Happy Staking!

- Faraz

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