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Radstakes Launches!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to Radstakes! My name is Faraz and I've been a long time follower and advocate for Radix DLT since 2017. That might sound like a long time, but I'm actually quite late to the party compared to the Genesis crew who have been following Radix's progress since 2013!!

Prior to the start of the Betanet on April 28th 2021, myself and over 300 others applied for a chance at becoming one of the first community validators on the Radix network. I have always been fascinated by Cryptocurrency since I first joined the scene in 2014, and after a few years of mining Bitcoin and later Ethereum (in the good old days!) I jumped at the chance to become a Validator for Radix.

My proposal went in to the Radix team and a few weeks later, I got the e-mail I was hoping for - We were in!

Immediately I set about preparing, researching the best cloud providers for our nodes. They needed to be reliable, with guaranteed uptime, highly performant, but I was also keen to avoid the big players such as AWS and Azure.

Sure, these giants can keep up with the high standards I would expect, but they don't represent the best solution for decentralisation. I mean, surely many Validators will flock to AWS, Google and the like.

So I settled for Digital Ocean as my primary cloud service provider. With their excellent track record and suitably performant CPU optimised instances, I took the plunge. After these first 6 weeks of validating, I realised I needed an outlet to provide the community with regular updates and a means of making contact. I've always maintained a presence on the Radix social channels, such as Telegram and Discord, but at main net this just wasn't going to cut it.

So here we are - after many a long night, welcome to Radstakes. The home of our Validator node on Radix. Over the coming weeks in the run up to launch, I'll be engaging with the community and hopefully garnering support to stake with us. Exciting times ahead. Here's a link to our Betanet proposal, in case you're interested...

Radix Betanet Validator Proposal - 214
Download P • 54KB

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