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안녕하세요 (Hello) Node Number 2

Following a successful relaunch of our Validator node to Beta software version 35.2, we've spent the past few days considering how we optimise uptime in the event that our Node becomes disconnected. This could happen for any number of reasons, from a DDoS attack on our node or our cloud server, to a corruption with the ledger database. Downtime is something we really needed to focus on, so our stakers can have faith that their rewards will not be hindered by any downtime.

Enter Node number 2! In addition to our primary node which is based in London, today we spun up a completely new instance in Seoul, South Korea. This not only gives us the benefit of greater decentralisation but will also play a crucial role in ensuring we maximise our uptime for the community.

Both nodes will remain synchronised to the network, with one operating as our Validator and the other as a backup. Both nodes keep a copy of our Validator keys so in the event that our primary node goes offline, we simply swap the Validator key to our backup and within seconds, we're back up and running again!

We've tested this recently and the swap works seamlessly! Combined with our monitoring alerts and regular security updates, we're looking good for Radix main net!

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